Relentless and audacious Ethiopian outpost becomes blowback and the Somali Region takes the ash

Saturday August 18, 2018 - 18:06:03 in
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    Relentless and audacious Ethiopian outpost becomes blowback and the Somali Region takes the ash

    When Abiy was elected as the new prime minister of Ethiopia earlier April this year,

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When Abiy was elected as the new prime minister of Ethiopia earlier April this year,

 he embarks to immerse profoundly unprecedented and slash reform in history of Ethiopia.

In this respect, his reform targets especially the Tigre officials who were overarching the country for the last three decades. This premature and stunning policy led the country again to fall the haphazard that we are vouching currently and the Situation becomes a pretty an intractable.

If we look back the reason that was appointed the new youngest leader in Africa Abiy Ahmed from Oromo ethnic group was to thaw and solve the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups who were demonstrating for the last two years and half against the former regime of Ethiopia led by the Tigre ethnic group but unfortunately Abiy starts applying retaliation and unremitting policy against the former regime of Ethiopia which created and propelled a peculiar situation in the country.

In the mean time, after Abiy evicts and fires several Tigre officials, he instantly started to provoke and instigate the Somali region in Ethiopia (DDSI) especially when the prime minister announces that he allocates 5% the Gas/Oil which has been found the Somali kilal notably Qoraxey region.

This fancy conception incites the people and paved the way to mass outrage and public backlash against the federal government of Ethiopia. Because the Somali region in Ethiopia had been suffering a harsh situation for several decades, because Ethiopian government mistreats and pushes away the Somali region when it comes to getting their endowment, civil and political rights

Why Ethiopia mistreats and pushes away the Somali Region (DDSI)?!

Ethiopian Somali State Flag

In a nutshell, the Somali Kilal (DDSI) is the second largest land in Ethiopia after Oromo land, and is the third largest population in Ethiopia roughly 8 to 10 million as denoted in a different census after Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups. In this regard, Ethiopian government doesn’t give them the appropriate consideration that they deserve.

In political rights, the Somali region has its own local party namely XISBIGA DIMOQRAADIGA SHACABKA SOOMAALIDDA ETHIOPIA (X.D.SH.S.I), Ethiopian-Somali Democratic People’s Party. This party has not a member with the ruling Ethiopian party , namely EPRDF, because EPRDF consists of only four regional states (Kilal) representatives, namely Oromo, Amhara, Tigre and Southern Communities parties out of nine regional states. Which means if you are not a member party with EPRDF you are not eligible and qualified to become the prime minister of Ethiopia which is the highest political position and lead the country, and they consider the other five regional states parties including the Somali one, as allies’ parties with the EPRDF.

This political exclusion pervades across the country. More explicit, the Somali region is the most disregarded community in Ethiopia and they encountered a drastic disparity when it comes to political discourse. Because democracy means "giving consideration the vast majority” so, as longest the Somalis are the second largest land and third humongous population, they suppose to be the front line when it comes to decision making.

Why Oromo targets and instigates the Ethiopian Somali community?!

Historically, there is a feud among Tigre and Oromo ethnic groups in Ethiopia. In this regard, when Tigre led by former Ethiopia Prime Minister Atto Meles Zenawi was ousted the old Amhara regime in 1991, and then, they immediately embarked to oppress the Ethiopian Somali people. And if we look back the history, the former Tigre regime maltreated the Somali community and killed thousands of Somali people and displaced enormous number.

The other side of the coin, Oromo believes that they own all Somali ethnic people’s land including Ethiopian Somali, Somalia and Djibouti. This fancy and ridiculous conception led a permanent conflict among Somali and Oromo ethnic groups. The Ethiopian Somali becomes a first susceptible, because the Tigre regime was treated them badly, and now when the Oromo takes the power commenced immediately mistreating and killing the innocent people who is originated from the Ethiopian Somali ethnic. So, Somalis in Ethiopia are first victim for any regime!

Unacceptable proposals from over speed Ethiopian leader

The newly elected prime minister made unprecedented reform in the country. Mainly he targets Tigre and Somali officials. More explicitly, when Abiy takes the power, instantly Oromo started to attack and instigate the Ethiopian Somali people, they killed tremendous innocent people including students, civilians, people were travelling, neighbors and every Somali one they have seen! The prime minister of Ethiopia shuts down the eyes those brutal and massacre actions which are against the human rights.

Before three weeks from now, the Ethiopian troops intruded the capital city of Ethiopia Somali kilal in order to capture the former president of Somali kilal his Excellency Atto CMC which is against the international and federal laws. Because the president was elected by his people.

In a nutshell, Ethiopia proposes:-

  • To terminate the mandate of the Liyuu Police (Special Police)
  • To accept by forcefully the Somali region 5% the natural resources which has been found to their own land notably Gas/Oil
  • To expel and repeal the ruling party of Somali Region ( X.D.SH.S.I)
  • To oppress the people in order to accept any decision from the federal government(Dictation and Imposing Policy)

After the federal government of Ethiopia fails to oppress the people and dictate the president of the Somali region, they immediately begun killing the civilians. Including(HEEGO YOUTH),who are a young male and female dedicated and committed to defend their country through peaceful demonstrations, but unfortunately the federal forces killed some of the youth while they were demonstrating in a peaceful manner. There are so many other ail stories which has been taken place during the (OPPRESS TIME!), this chaotic period, many people pass away and more injured. And this step dilutes and worsens the relationship between the federal government and the Ethiopian Somali region.

The preliminary outcomes of Addis Ababa talks

When the federal government of Ethiopia fails to convince their offer to the Somali region through brutal way, they came in the region again with strong federal troops and they took the president of Somali region CMC to Addis Ababa forcefully in order to intimidate and pressure him to sign the federal unacceptable proposal! Dude!

In a short, the preliminary outcome of the meetings tells:-

  • The liyuu police should continue their business as longest they serve and contributes the security of Ethiopia in generally and the Somali region specifically
  • The ruling party of the Somali region completes its mandate , 2 years from now, and then will hold free and fair election across the region, no collusion and meddling will be expected from the federal government
  • The newly young nominated president of the DDSI runs the remaining time of ruling party’s mandate
  • Resource sharing postpones! As longest there is no political agreement, and the Ethiopian government is reluctant to bequeath the Somali region their decent share while the prime minister says plainly earlier last month "we are offering the Somali region of Ethiopia only 5% while he is acting so meek and mild! Dude!
  • To give the former president CMC the highest respect among the country , especially the Somali region as longest he served his people and done undeniable development including the infrastructure , education , security and the social cohesiveness among the people.

Abiy miscalculates!

When the prime minister of Ethiopia Atto Abiy Ahmed calls that ONLF is no longer terrorist according to Ethiopia, his main objective was to create a new conflict between the current administration of the Somali region a side and the ONLF the other side. He assumes that ONLF support him the ruthless act of Ethiopia against the Somali region. Fortunately ONLF refuses this cruelty step and says” we are not supporting this brutal act which is against our people, and we are not accepting the percentage of the Gas/Oil which the prime minster offers our people” and this courageous response stuns and shocks Abiy!

Who is going to compensate the lost?!

During the chaotic period, the Somali region was experienced so many painful stories! Many people have been killed , enormous people have been injured , humongous business robbed , a large people have been displaced and fled the capital city (JIGJIGA) , many schools and universities closed, the public movement restricted, many people shocked while many others met mental diseases. So, the Ethiopian government has to pay that lost!

Who is Dulmidiid?!

During the chaotic period, there is a group who are active in social media both inside and outside the country, but they represent no one! They are spoilers. Mainly they stay in Diredawa, the second capital of Ethiopia. Most of them were working with the previous governments of the Somali region. Currently they are dissidents as longest they are not part of the ruling administration. The federal government of Ethiopia, doesn’t offers to them to participate the current talks between the federal government and the Somali region, they are ignored!

Step forward

  • Ethiopian government should stop this kind of ruthless policy against the Somali region.
  • DDSI calls upon the Ethiopian government to reciprocate in kind in order to halt any further acts that could hamper the mediation process among the federal government representatives and the Somali region representatives and hasten the proposed peace talks
  • The Ethiopian government must contemplate before they take any decision which is against the Ethiopian Somali region.
  • The Ethiopian government must refrain depriving and abdicating the political , social and economical rights of the Ethiopian Somali ethnic, and they must procure a much consideration as longest they are one of the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir
(Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher)

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